This herbal combination is known to be helpful in cases of muscle and joint problems in horses, dogs and humans. AfterAce helps to release toxic waste (uric and lactic acid) that has built up in the muscles and joints, causing inflammation and restriction in movement. Waste products often settle in muscle tissues which are not rich in blood flow, in particular the parts attached to the bone and around joints. This may cause pain, stiffness, calcification of the ligaments and restrict movement.

It is thought that waste products, being acid, have a negative effect on the level of hyaluronic acid in the joints which in turn causes the soft cartilage to calcify and possibly form Osteochondrosis (OCD).

AfterAce is thought to bring the acid balance back in the muscles and joints, reducing inflammation and avoiding calcification of the ligaments.

  • Reduces levels of lactic and uric acid
  • Reduces stiffness
  • Gets rid of toxins that restrict joint and muscle function
  • Helps prevent tying up

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