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The requirements we place on the immature structure and musculoskeletal system on the young racehorse demands preventative and continued management throughout their racing career.

At the gallop, the racehorse inhales over 400 gallons of air per minute; blood diverts from the digestive system to increase the supply to the muscles by over 70 times. Heart rate soars from a resting 30 beats per minute, to 220-240 beats per minute. Force through the forearm increases to almost 10,000 pounds and stride lengthens to cover over 50 feet per second. This physical demand places enormous strain on all the body systems.

Niagara Equisage is a safe, easy to use, natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive way to effectively warm up and warm down your horse, prevent common issues, improve performance and maintain your horse in peak condition.

Trainers worldwide love how Niagara Equissage provides a full body workout, equivalent to a 5 mile walk for their horse. Niagara Equissage gently penetrates through 4 feet of bone and 2 feet of tissue to provide the following benefits to Thoroughbred horses,

  • Increased blood flow to improve the supply of oxygen to the muscles, reduce muscle trauma and speed up recovery
  • Improved lymphatic drainage to remove lactic acid and encourage water consumption
  • Relaxation of the muscles to relieve pain, unlock tension and keep muscle soft and supple
  • Improved join mobility allowing horse to move more freely and increase length of stride

Niagara Equissage is an essential tool in improving the health and performance of horses in every stable.

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