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Show horses often suffer from soft tissue injury to the lower limbs and have slow recovery and fatigue following consecutive days of competition. Stall rest can also decrease their circulation and muscle movement, leading to muscle wastage.

Niagara Equissage is a safe, easy to use, natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive way to effectively warm up and cool down your horse, prevent common issues, improve performance and maintain your horse in peak condition.

Show riders worldwide love how Niagara Equissage provides a full body workout, equivalent to a 5 mile walk for their competition horse. Niagara Equissage gently penetrates through 4 feet of bone and 2 feet of tissue to provide the following benefits to show horses.

  • Increased blood flow, specifically around the joints to decrease the likelihood of injuries
  • Improved join mobility to assist in control, accuracy and flexibility of the gaits
  • Improved lymphatic drainage to assist in the removal of tactic acid and help speed up recovery of fatigues muscles

Niagara Equissage is an essential tool in improving the health and performance of horses in every stable.


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