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On a breeding farm, there are many occasions where equine therapy is needed, but finding a therapy system that is effective, user friendly, and that can be used on a variety of issues (see below) can be a challenge. 


 The Niagara Equissage Therapy System has the unique ability to increase circulation through the whole horse as well as to specific areas or injuries. The Back Pad will provide a general body treatment, while the Hand Unit and Leg Boot will improve blood flow to specific injuries.


Injured horses who are confined to their stalls for long periods of time will not atrophy (loose muscle tone), and their general health and wellbeing will stay in great condition, if they are treated regularly with the Niagara Equissage Back Pad.


 The Niagara Equissage Benefits:



*  Improves general health and well being, increasing their chances of getting pregnant.

*  Endometriris; less stiffness and better muscle tone helps improve posture, promotes
    natural uterine contractions and in doing so, will help mare's body clear foreign
    matter from uterus.

*  Helps mares recover faster after foaling, improves chances of breeding on foal heat cycle.



*  Improved muscle tone and hair coat (especially if stall bound due to injury)

*  Pre sale stiffness, stress or injury.

*  Improves stride length (Writtle College Study)



*  Improves general health and well being. 

*  Reduces muscle soreness/stiffness due to breeding to many mares.

*  Helps arthritis and improves muscle tone in older horses.


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